Pixie hollow: how do you unlock quests on pixie hollow?

Reanna Gorczany asked a question: Pixie hollow: how do you unlock quests on pixie hollow?
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❓ How do you unlock quests on pixie hollow?

By doing quests! Every time you complete a quest, more quests are unlocked. These include quests for learning your talent skills! To unlock most of the quests, you must be a member. Good luck!

❓ How do you pass quests in pixie hollow?

To manually add quests to the tracker, open your quest log (L) and Shift + Click on the title of the quest. Do the same if you want to remove a quest from the tracker. This works both in World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. If you still can’t track quests, it is likely a display issue caused by outdated addons. Update your addons and try again.

❓ How do you do other emotes on pixie hollow?

if you mean the emotes that have a cake, a smore, and a couple medals, the cake is gone, now its a snowflake, but you just type: ::pumpkincake:: ::s'more:: ::gold:: ::silver:: ::bronze:: and thats it but they HAVE to be over group whisper

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By doing quests! Every time you complete a quest, more quests are unlocked. These include quests for learning your talent skills! To unlock most of the quests, you must be a member. Good luck!

If you finish all your quests on pixie hollow do y... Is there any nice game site like Pixie Hollow wher... In pixie hollow, is there anything that you can bu...

you haveto be a member. Q: How do you unlock new quests in pixie hollow?

Do what the Mentors tell you to. They will give you simple steps. If you need any further assitance email the never council @ [email protected]

Quests were a fun way to earn new items and usually learn more about the game. They helped give a new take on those tutorials and tended to feature a nice amount of backstory as well. Quests could be received from Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, Marina, Kit, and Elixa. You may have finished multiple quests/steps at once if several told you to go to the same fairy or do the ...

Thanks to AJ, from Julianebubble’s blog, has some codes for pixie hollow (toy codes) Pixie Hollow codes: 947774 Cerulean Butterfly Glider. 633877 Lilac Butterfly Glider. 409826 Ruby Butterfly Glider. 747906 Crocus bulb pitcher (pearl) 492967 Forest Cap Thimble. 728808 Mainland-Style Harp (Rose Red)

The quests during events in Pixie Hollow. Hiya pixies! This is Fauna Bumblebee! I’m very sorry for not being able to post Part 1, but now this post is about Finding the Never Unicorn: Part Two!

Even I didn't remember what the old trade quests were like.

This video is for nostalgia and taking a trip back at Pixie Hollow's event quests.This site has the list of Pixie Hollow events which includes the quests. Do...


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Right next to the quest icon ( the boxes ), you can see previous quest icons behind shaded in grey. If you press on the quest icon (the box) a mini bar will pop up allowing you to shift between your quests. If your still having trouble let me know, hope this helped! But that allows me only to swap "active" quests not paused ones methinks.

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