Solved: how do i play blu-rays on my desktop?

Enrico Schultz asked a question: Solved: how do i play blu-rays on my desktop?
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Most HP PC's don't come with Blue Ray drives. This media player software is on the HP ENVY Phoenix 810-200 PC Series' support page, and it should support playing Blu-Ray disks if your PC has a Blu-Ray drive. Cyberlink Power Media Player Software.

These instructions apply to any edition of Windows 10 64-bit version. 1. Insert the Blu-ray disc into the drive, and launch the program. 2. Select "Load Disc" option at the upper left corner side to import Blu-ray movies. 3. Choose an output format or preset from "Profile" drop-down list at the bottom left side.

Blu-ray is the ultimate optical disc format, but getting Blu-ray discs to play on Windows 10 can be a little bit trickier than you bargained for, due to soft...

Once the installation is complete, open the program, and click File > Open disc. Choose your Blu-ray disc and then click Yes. Navigate to the MakeMKV section, click on the green icon, and then click Yes. Now, just wait for the conversion process to finish. Once the file is converted, play the MKV file in any media player.

If you're hunting for a Blu-Ray player. The software is obviously a big part of watching Blu-Ray discs on Windows 10, but if your PC or laptop doesn't have a built-in drive, you're going to need ...

Step 2: Choose your Blu-ray and start playing it on Dell PCs. In this window, you should click Open disc, and choose your Blu-ray disc. Then your Blu-ray movie will start playing on your Dell laptop or desktop. During the playback of the Blu-ray, you can capture screenshots from the movie by clicking the cinema icon at the bottom of the screen.

Download for Win Download for Mac. Step3 Double-click the Blu-ray Player icon on your desktop, and then you can see two buttons on the main interface: Open File and Open Disc. Click the Open File button. Step4 Enjoy the Blu ray movies. Download Blu-ray Player FREE Now!

I have several Blu-Ray movies in my collection, and now that my Blu-Ray player died I want to play them on my computer. However, all I can seem to do is browse the files inside the discs. Windows Media Player and the Movies & TV app won't play the Blu-Ray, either. I tried using VLC and I went through all the rigamarole of installing these open-source BD players, but now when I try to play one, it jsut crashes immediately and says it couldn't send the crash report.

How do I connect my Blu Ray player to my laptop with HDMI? To connect a standalone Blu-ray player to a pc monitor is just about plug-and-play. Assuming that your desktop has a monitor with an HDMI port, you can plug the blu ray player into your monitor with an HDMI cable and change the input settings to HDMI input on the monitor.

The title is pretty self explainitory. I have a re-purposed old desktop with a Core 2 Duo and a PNY GT710 (capable of 4k30, which is all my TV is capable of anyway so good enough). I currently have a blu-ray drive in it, a version of PowerDVD 16 Pro and MPC-HC including CCCP and Mad VR. I use to ...

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