Store after nookway and how to get it?

Sylvan Schneider asked a question: Store after nookway and how to get it?
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❓ How do you get the barber shop on animal crossing after someone buys something from nookway?

You cannot get Shampoodle's (the Barber Shop) in the original Animal Crossing for the Gamecube.

❓ How do onions store carbohydrates?

as sugars

❓ How do store coupons work?

There is a person in headquarters in charge of processing the coupons. That person boxes all of the bags of coupons (still separated by the individual stores from which they came) and ships them to a third-party clearinghouse. This is where the real work starts. The clearinghouse has to sort through millions of coupons, largely by hand.

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re: Store after nookway and how to get it? Nookingtons. You have to deal (sell, buy items) with 240,000 bells in total, AND have a friend buy something from your current Nookway.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nookway opens after the player buys or sells 65,000 Bells-worth of items at Nook 'n' Go. It is open from 8 AM to 11 PM. It is open from 8 AM to 11 PM. The store sells twenty-four items, including five pieces of furniture, two wallpapers, two carpets, one Sapling, one Cedar Sapling, four flower bags, three sets of stationery, four tools, one Medicine , and one Note in a Bottle .

Nookway (スーパーたぬき, Sūpā Tanuki?, Super Tanuki) is the third expansion of Tom Nook's shop, and may be parodying a Safeway supermarket. The player must have had Nook 'N' Go for at least 15 days, and spent 65,000 Bells at the previous Nook stores for the upgrade to happen. It has a wider variety of items to choose from than the previous two stores, but closes earlier.

This is the third incarnation of Tom Nook's Item Shop which can only be attained after you've spent a total of 65,000 Bells on products at this particular business. Description . This store's appearance takes after your average grocery market as opposed to Nook N' Go's typical convenience mart facade.

Top Voted Answer. To get the first upgrade, (Nook 'n' Go), you have to spend 25,000 bells in his store. To get the second upgrade, (Nookway), you have to spend 90,000 bells in the store. To get the third and final upgrade, (Nookington's), you must spend 240,000 bells at the store. User Info: Axel700.

To get Tom Nook to expand into Nookington's, the player must spend 240,000 bells and have a friend shop at the store. This shop has an automatic door. In City Folk , the player does not need a friend to shop at Nookway , and the upgrade cost has been reduced to 150,000.

In short, all you need to do in order to get Nookway (and even Nookington's), is spend money. If you ask people, they will tell you that you need to SPEND a certain amount of money at Tom's shop ...

I currently have the 3rd store (I belive it's Nookway) and I paid off the entier loan(800,000) so I have the golden statue and the store is not upgr.., Animal Crossing Questions and answers, GameCube

Accepted Answer. You will change to Nook 'n' Go after 8 days AND 30,000 bells traded. NookWay after 15 days and 80,000 bells traded. Nookington after 22 days and 150,000 bells traded. Buying and selling counts towards your bells traded.

Best Answer. You have to wait at least 15 days after you have renovated to the Nook and Go, and then you need to have spent a total of 80,000 Bells at Nook's store. When both of those conditions met, you will be able to unlock the NookWay upgrade.

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